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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Just a post to let you all know I'm not dead! I'm away for the holidays at my girlfriend's, so I've been busy with relaxing and enjoying my time with her :]

Admittedly, it sucks when I'm away from my computer for so long because when I get back there are pages and pages of updates of all the sites and blogs I follow that ahhhhh it's a pain hahah. I do have access to a computer, but I don't have all my sites so I can't remember everything I need to check booooo :[

I can talk a little about my holiday so far and update with pictures and the rest when I'm home! :) First off, Christmas day was spent at my girl's (Heather is her name) aunt/uncle's place. I like spending Christmas with Heather because her family is close and have get togethers, whereas my family doesn't like each other and so I never see them. So if I am at home on Christmas there is nothing to do because I'm not seeing people and nothing is open.

There is always a bad side to being at Heather's because I'm not really part of their family so I'm still left out and I'm not a social person so it's difficult for me to hold conversation sometimes. Emily (a mutual friend but more Heather's than mine) was with us too, so the three of us made the best of it. We're kinda like the three musketeers, lol.

On Christmas Eve Heather, Emily, and Heather's parents, we all opened our presents for each other. I'll update with pics when I'm home, but we all had a ridiculous haul. Emily spent soooo much on Heather and I it was crazy. I DID get the Coach bag I've wantedddddd!

I saw Tron and the new Narnia movie this week as well. Narnia severely lacked in substance/plot stuff, but Ben Barnes is good eyecandy, hohoh. Tron's eyecandy was definitely Olivia Wilde and all the gorgeous Siren ladies!!! I had fun with the people I went with for both movies, so even if the movies would have totally sucked, I still woulda had awesome fun! (night of Tron we defaced a Justin Bieber cut out with fake mustaches LOL)

My BIRTHDAYYYYY was DECEMBER 29! I am twenty now and don't wanna grow up anymore wahhhhh. Heather and Emily took me out to Macaroni Grill. Mmm, I LOOOVE Italian fooood yum yum. I got a free chocolate cake slice and the Manager sang me a birthday song in Italian. Then we shopped till we dropped in our sexy dresses and heels at the mall that was right by. It's a biiiiig mall about 45 mins from where Heather lives.

Between all the previous activities and that shopping trip, my spending account now has $9 ;__; plus the extra cash I had brought ahhhh. I made a pact with Heather to try and shell out the extra money for better quality and it certainly takes its toll. I still shop some cheaper places (Charlotte Russe, for example) but I'm trying to go for higher quality.

Wow, I feel I've written way more than people care to read, lol. I leave for home on Sunday and I will be sad once this week is out. The time I get with Heather always goes by so fast. On the bright side, there is New Years yet and more fun times to be had! (Heather's mom and I picked up the alcohol today ;D)

I hope everyone's had a happy holiday and may your New Years be spectacular!!


Friday, December 17, 2010

xmas shopping done!

It all fits in those bags. 75% of the presents are for two people, lol. I also have a package from Coach on the way to add to that pile.

Christmas is expensive!!! Next year, I swear I'm putting like a hundred dollar cap on presents. My girl, Heather, and our friend, Emily, bought me soo much!!! I know they do it 'cos they love me, but then I feel obligated to get them more and then feel bad when I can't afford it. :[

(naturally, I couldn't help but get myself a few things after braving the mall yesterday! >_>)

I can't wait for Christmas week!!! I took off from work the 25-2 to go to PA to spend time with Heather <3333 it will be a wonderful break from work, school, and the world :]

Speaking of school, I'm still waiting to hear from Sallie Mae about my loan stuff. There was a deadline of Dec 14 but Idk if that was to just start or to be done...idk. COLLEGE IS SO CONFUSING. it's all nonsense. very EXPENSIVE nonsense. ugh.

Work party tonight at the Green Turtle, wonder what I shall wear. Then I need to kick my ass to finish that damn project/presentation for conflict resolution. UGHHHHH.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

night out

I wish I knew a way to resize my images so they kept the same sharp quality to them as in the original size. ahhh, such a blogging newbie help!!!

I don't really like those lashes for gal...but I don't just wanna toss'em out. So I gotta us'em up. I didn't wear bottom lashes either and just put mascara on my bottom lashes. I really want new bottom lashes. Recommendations???

Went out to a pub/restaurant with my friends from my creative writing class this past semester. It was fun! I usually don't make friends in a class, but I got super lucky! Especially 'cos I love writing :] We proposed to have our own writing "group" and meet each week and make "assignments" to complete. This is me being a nerd but SO MUCH FUUUUN.

I feel there is a biased againest fashionable/pretty/self-coucious girls/boys/people when it comes to their intellect. It's like the dumb blonde stereotype. For example, on the hotmail news feed there was an update about Pamela Anderson being on Playboy cover and how she penned some poetry in whatever article she had. Most people (or everyone) will be thinkng "HAHAHA. there's no WAY she could write poetry!!!" I can't speak for Pamela, but who really knows right??? Never underestimate a person's intelligence. Never assume!!! (you know that saying???)

I love writing. I write creatively everyday or every other day. I'm constantly reading a book. Currently, I'm rereading American Gods by Neil Gaiman, btw. READ THAT BOOK. or in fact, READ ANYTHING BY NEIL GAIMAN. I could probably dedicate a whole blog to books, lol. I may like fashion and dressing up, but I could live without it. because, I don't always dress up. But I CAN'T live without words...books...writing...any of that!!

I really digressed from outfit to rant/writing, but when I say I write creatively (and pretty well, I think) I wonder if people blow that off because on the surface I'm so self-councious and paticular about my appearence.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

lost in a daydream

(I don't wear sneakers enough and these are sooooooooooo cute!!!!)

I think maybe I should be doing homework stuff, ahhhhhh. I have one last project for one last class but uughhhh the laziness. Worst yet because its a group project with people who don't know wtf they're doing and we also have to present to the class. ahhhhhhhhhhh. It will definitly be a day that I wish I could press the fast forward button on life.

It's gotten very cold, very fast! As soon as December hit--BAM--winter time! It's 20-30 degrees F typically now... It's been even flurrying every other day too. Granted, I imagine this cold may not compare to the cold of northern European countries (cos I know a lot of gals are from those areas...) but for here it's frigid, lol. Normally real cold doesn't come to Maryland until late January. Last winter we got blizzards all on the east coast of the US. SO MUCH SNOW!!! I was snowed in for so long I was getting cabin fever, man lol. And I missed a lot of work which sucks for my bank account :[ I hope that much snow never happens here again.

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

neverending outfit catch up

This never works because I just keep wearing new outfits, lol.

DO YOU SEE MY NEW CAMERA!?!?!? Hopefully I will make a post about it :] It's an Olympus PEN e-PL1 etc etc. I'd seen a lot of gal with it and loved the quality and subsequently saved up for it!

Also, those lovely shoes I'm wearing broke that day ;_; At least it occured when I was leaving campus for the day.

Ahhhh scary face D:

I am basically done for the semester. I have a project due next Monday, but it's nothing to cry about. Hopefully I will blog more. Hopefully, I will read that stack of books I have. Hopefully, I will watch all the shows I need to. Hopefully I will do a lot of things, lol. I'm rereading American Gods (By Neil Gaiman) now. I can't get over how amazing that book us. jdaskloooove

In other news my laptop got infected with that system file malware D: I have a friend who's going to look at it tomorrow so hopefully she'll know how to fix it. Now I'm using my dad's laptop.... first he yelled and lectured me, then he storms into my room and sits his laptop on my bed and walks out. WTF. regardless, I WANT MY STUFFFF. Thankfully I have an external harddrive to save all my writing on. PHEW

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

ugh so many outfits

Idk WHY I have such a drugged up expression in the first picture. I wish I noticed it right away when I looked at the camera ughhh. But I'm too lazy bother putting something over my face since these were already posted on facebook. This was from turkey day week when my girl was with me :] We went shoooppinngggg.

GASP. My blog is typically gal oriented, but lolita was a huge part of my life before gal. I wore those frilly skirts 24/7. I totally wish I still had that confidence. After I took a break from lolita and got into gal...I lost the confidence to wear lolita. I'm scared now, honestly. Usually I dont give a flying fuck about what people think...but I've lost some of that. I love lolita. I wish to goodness I had the confidence for it. I've never been a 'sexy' person, and 'cute' was my thing, so lolita worked well for me.
Anyway, I wore this on Thanksgiving Day for dinner with my friend and his girlfriend. I didn't feel like putting on lots of makeup and heels for a casual, hang out, dinner with friends. So I opted for lolita.
You've seen me in mostly gal...earlier in this blog has a few lolita outfits... but it's always a constant conflict. gal vs lolita. most will say "do both!!" but I want something to make *mine*, somethng to be my thing... I guess, I do do both, but I guess I just have some unrequited feelings about lolita...
On one end, I love gal. Love the looks, the versatility, and the normalcy (coming from someone who used to wear lolita). It's more sexy, it's more attractive to people. I like the makeup, I like how I look in the makeup and clothes. But sometimes.... I HATE the makeup, HATE the trends, strictness. I never do my hair, it's usually boring. Sometimes I really don't like gal.
then there's lolita. I love it. It's cute, fluffy, lots of different styles, and its overall DIFFERENT. I've always been a cute person, and lolita always worked for me in that regard. Once upon a time, I wore it and didn't care about what people thought. After taking a break, I'm terrified to wear it. Terrified of what my friends who havent seen my in lolita will think. It's impractical, a pain to go to the bathroom in.
eh, anyway. just some thoughts of mine.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

outfit catch up part threeeee

Keep on rolling with catch upppp~~~

A simple, comfy kind of outfit. I wore it for the single class I have on Monday. The only other thing I do on Monday is work, and there's usually no fancy clothes or makeup involved with that, so I'm lazier on Mondays. Wearing my new (at the time) reindeer nordic print shorts! They are so cute, even if you can't see them that well :[ My bangs were also at a point of being long and in my face, but I had not had the chance to cut them myself or go to the hair dresser, hence sloppily pushed to the sides.

I REALLY loved my makeup that day. I was looking out of Jelly when I did this. Black and gold, baby 8) I liked the outfit too. I had bought that onepiece in the summer and only wore it once subsequently...and i was ready to get rid of it because I couldn't find any thing to wear it with.... but then I did! so I kept it lol. Unfortunately I didn't even get a chance to wear that outfit out because I got into a little car accident and cried all my makeup off and stayed home the rest of the day. booooooo.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

more outfit catch up

More outfits!!

Sexy Sexy outfit:

I was going for a more sexy look, so I used more liner and makeup than usual. I'm not sure how I like it though, I feel that my eyes look >too< big? and oh damn those flyaways ruining my otherwise decent hair >O

Casual, maxi dress for winter outfit:

Makeup looks waaaaay different compared to makeup before this lol. I wasn't sure about this coordinate, but I'm trying to find ways to coordinate my maxi in various ways. I've seen some girls wear dark shirt underneath them and tried that... and yet everytime I wear the damn dress I realize how much I hate it because it's so long!!!! Why do American stores make everything by default long!! Jeans, dresses, everything!! Even in heels I'm tripping and tangling in the damn thing >[

Oh and my hair was kind of fail for this. I wish I was more patient with hair so I can learn to do pretty things with it ughhhh I'll take an hour to do makeup and am fine with that, but for some reason i haaaate doing hair and rush it or give up or just dont do nothing. Gosh, I don't know why. I had a braid on the other side but they were uneven and I was too frustrated to redo them over and over, so you get one side. I can at least pretend I did well ;p


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Magazine Inspiration (&outfit catchup)

I have been very lacking in updating ahhhhh. So outfit catchup, here I come...

My coordinate was inspired by that plaid shirt one in the middle there^

Obviously my outfit doesn't exactly compare to the one in the Jelly mag, but I did my best. I think I was lacking outfit inspiration idea that day so I turned to a magazine. I updated the look with the foxtail since they're popular now. My hair was something I attempted from a Popteen magazine. I was too lazy to curl my whole head and found a way to half-ass it with an updo xD

more outfit catch up to come.