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Thursday, January 27, 2011


My neighborhood post snow storm. I'm really hoping for campus to close today... right now it opens at noon, but cross your fingers!!

My doggy outside in the snow! :D

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

snow day

snooooooooow day!!! Though I was crazy and went into work :p It was a chill, fool around, not busy at all day, so it was alright. My first day of classes for the spring semester were supposed to be today but the snow made that impossible.
I bring outfits...
About this outfit: Worn for my college orientation. I wanted something cute but casual. Therefore, I forwent heels and settled for flat boots. This was the day I previously spoke about in which I had an eyelash malfuntion and had to take my lashes out BEFORE MY ID PICTURE RAWRGGGG.
About this outfit: For going to the mall to meet a friend for lunch. First time wearing that cardigan I bought over winter break at h&m. I have trouble with this skirt because its a bit big and won't sit where I want it to, so I attempted to make it work by utilizing a waistbelt. I also had a malfunction that day... my contact wouldn't stop bothering me and I thought I could make it through lunch but on the way to the mall I had to stop, turn around, go home, take my contacts out and wear glasses THUS ruining my makeup. BAWWW
also note my new hair :] btw dying hair dark red = WASHES OUT SO MUCH. every wash the color runs :[
About this outfit: worn to meet up with my creative writing group. I wanted to wear red and somehow made it work. It was also 40 degrees F that day...pretty warm compared to the usual weather so I figured it'd be okay not to wear socks. I dont like wearing much makeup on my bottom lash because it causes so much trouble with my contacts.... so I smeared some brown eyeshadow and masacara on and hopefully it worked :]

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Monday, January 17, 2011

outfit update from dec-jan

about this outfit: those cute glasses were 2 bucks at Claires *_* I loove them. Having been a glasses wearer for most of my life and thus hating them...its a suprise lol. The cute cardigan with ruffles was purchases at Charlotte Russe for 5 bucks (day before I shopped after xmas sales *_*) Fake uggs were new, and THERES MY NEW COACH BAG <333 since i cannot afford Chanel at this point, I made the best of my obssession with that black x white Coach bag, lol.

about this outfit: ahhh blurry first photo. first time i got to wear that shirt. I bought it at h&m and looove it. I have a thing for oversized tops (esp sweaters). as always, switching up my makeup style. I dont have bottom lashes atm and gotta figure something out lol. also, i fail at wearing an usamimi.

about this outfit: the sweater was a christmas gift. I wish I had black leggings/jeggings for this, but had to make due with blue denim. actually, that day I went and bought black jeggings for the future :]

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

rising from the dead

Finally I kicked my ass to update!! ahhh I'm so bad at stuff like this. It's exactly how my livejournal died >_>

I have lots of outfit shots to update with from christmas/birthday/new years week. (ages ago, huh?) my life since then has been stressful and uneventful. stressful because I'm starting a new college at the end of January and I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off to get everything submitted.

here's a bad story relating to college: orientation day (mandatory) I dress all nice, did my makeup...then EYELASH MALFUNCTION AHHHH. i was so upset :[ this happened even before I got my ID pic. so I had to take my eyelashes off and tough it out. thankfully people are too polite to make any comments about why my eyeliner is missing in places....

that aside, I'm both excited and nervous to start at a new school. It's big, very big, and further away than my community college I attended is. I'm still working out my schedule because tranfers are like freshmen, in that we get last pick of classes. UGHHH.

outside of school stress, I've spent my days working and working. on winter break there really isn't much to do besides work and be lazy. It's terribly cold outside, so I'm not tempted to go out. I purchased Fallout 3 and have been playing that.
basically I have not been very gal this month, but when there's nothing to really do I don't have reason to put on makeup and hot clothes. But I will leave you all with a coordinate back from December that I wore to a work party.

huu. i wish i knew a better way to reside my picturess. i fail at blogging baby >[ I hadn't worn that shirt in a while and I think that's how the outfit was built. I tried to combine sexy and cute with the black and the pink and white. Then I attempted to curl my hair to which I discovered that it definitly takes me longer than 45 mins to do (note to self) and realized I was running late. It's worse that I fail at curling hair. I started with using a straightener, gave up, then used a curling iron. Since i was late and hadn't finish, I put the unfinished half in a very 80s pony tail style, curled that super fast and voila.
It's funny that the side I rush on looks a million times better than the other side (the shit, deflated, fail side). as you can see in that first face shot. I think the pony tail made the one side look better. my hair is very thin and there's not a lot, so perhaps my problem is that I don't have thick enough hair/not enough hair to give me the volume I desire.
I've been wanting extensions, but since I dyed my hair recently I'm gonna have to hold out.

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