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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

snow day

snooooooooow day!!! Though I was crazy and went into work :p It was a chill, fool around, not busy at all day, so it was alright. My first day of classes for the spring semester were supposed to be today but the snow made that impossible.
I bring outfits...
About this outfit: Worn for my college orientation. I wanted something cute but casual. Therefore, I forwent heels and settled for flat boots. This was the day I previously spoke about in which I had an eyelash malfuntion and had to take my lashes out BEFORE MY ID PICTURE RAWRGGGG.
About this outfit: For going to the mall to meet a friend for lunch. First time wearing that cardigan I bought over winter break at h&m. I have trouble with this skirt because its a bit big and won't sit where I want it to, so I attempted to make it work by utilizing a waistbelt. I also had a malfunction that day... my contact wouldn't stop bothering me and I thought I could make it through lunch but on the way to the mall I had to stop, turn around, go home, take my contacts out and wear glasses THUS ruining my makeup. BAWWW
also note my new hair :] btw dying hair dark red = WASHES OUT SO MUCH. every wash the color runs :[
About this outfit: worn to meet up with my creative writing group. I wanted to wear red and somehow made it work. It was also 40 degrees F that day...pretty warm compared to the usual weather so I figured it'd be okay not to wear socks. I dont like wearing much makeup on my bottom lash because it causes so much trouble with my contacts.... so I smeared some brown eyeshadow and masacara on and hopefully it worked :]

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