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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

night out

I wish I knew a way to resize my images so they kept the same sharp quality to them as in the original size. ahhh, such a blogging newbie help!!!

I don't really like those lashes for gal...but I don't just wanna toss'em out. So I gotta us'em up. I didn't wear bottom lashes either and just put mascara on my bottom lashes. I really want new bottom lashes. Recommendations???

Went out to a pub/restaurant with my friends from my creative writing class this past semester. It was fun! I usually don't make friends in a class, but I got super lucky! Especially 'cos I love writing :] We proposed to have our own writing "group" and meet each week and make "assignments" to complete. This is me being a nerd but SO MUCH FUUUUN.

I feel there is a biased againest fashionable/pretty/self-coucious girls/boys/people when it comes to their intellect. It's like the dumb blonde stereotype. For example, on the hotmail news feed there was an update about Pamela Anderson being on Playboy cover and how she penned some poetry in whatever article she had. Most people (or everyone) will be thinkng "HAHAHA. there's no WAY she could write poetry!!!" I can't speak for Pamela, but who really knows right??? Never underestimate a person's intelligence. Never assume!!! (you know that saying???)

I love writing. I write creatively everyday or every other day. I'm constantly reading a book. Currently, I'm rereading American Gods by Neil Gaiman, btw. READ THAT BOOK. or in fact, READ ANYTHING BY NEIL GAIMAN. I could probably dedicate a whole blog to books, lol. I may like fashion and dressing up, but I could live without it. because, I don't always dress up. But I CAN'T live without words...books...writing...any of that!!

I really digressed from outfit to rant/writing, but when I say I write creatively (and pretty well, I think) I wonder if people blow that off because on the surface I'm so self-councious and paticular about my appearence.

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