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Saturday, October 16, 2010

I love fall!!

It is a beautiful 60 some degrees F outside and windy and gor-GEOUS! :D The leaves are changing colors and the weather is getting cooler.... it's finally fall!! I never thought the hot weather would end D: I hope it has... though I know global warming will give us a random 80 degree weather day in the middle of October. :[ Cooler weather means layers and black!! I like my fall wardrobe hohoho

Today I'm going to
Larriland Farms with a classmate and her friends. Usually I'm no good with meeting new people, but I'm getting braver and braver with such events. Hopefully everything will go well. :] I'm excited to go pick apples and get a hayride and drink apple cider and pick pumpkins and do all the fun fall stuff!

I tried to dress gal...? but I have to wear flat shoes I don't care to get dirty because it IS a farm after all. I'm wearing my new brown circle lenses and DollyWink lashes I haven't gotten to test drive either... Let me say that I LOVE THE LASHES. I seriously need to go buy more STAT.

Sorry my hair is obviously not done yet, guhh. I have an hour yet so I'm giving it more time to dry.... I wanted to curl my hair but it's too windy outside!!! >[ therefore, I don't think it's worth it considering I'll be outside all day. I'm happy to have circle lenses again and I DEARLY hope these won't fuck up my eyes like my last ones :[ Honestly, circle lenses make all the difference when going for gal makeup, at least, that's what I think.

I just bought some stuff xD (payday = GOOD money lol) nordic print??? (in b/w) mode?? and I feel left out because I still don't have an usamimi!

I'm having wardrobe problems lately.... my clothes don't seem gal enough and I'm runnng out of new coordination ideas... I feel I suck at this gal thing ugh. maybe sometime I'll start buying stuff online overseas instead of always hunting through american stores of stuff.



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