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Sunday, September 27, 2009

tshirt; charlotte russe
skirt and socks; h&m
shoes; broadway shoes
earrings; claire's
necklace; forever 21
this was an outfit i wore to appease my baby. She thinks I look hot in thigh highs and a pleather mini skirt *o*
I just got back from seeing my baby actually. I went on a little getaway to Chincoteague with her, her parents and her mom's friend. It was okay. It's hard for my girl and I to get to do what we want and usually end up doing what the adults want which is no fun. bleehh. we watched a lot of movies tho!

the big suprise was that it had Bradley Cooper in it!! :] It was a well rounded horror movie too! Clve Barker is brillant, my girl and I are both big fans of his work. (she introduced me to his work!) I loooove horror movies and know a good one when i see one, so go watch it and be disgusted (meat hooks through achilles' tendons), turned on (listening to Bradley Cooper's sex grunts) and intrigued (the paranormal twist at the end)!!!

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