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Monday, May 2, 2011

Coach Outlet day!!

This weekend sucked... too much emotional drama, relationship drama, family drama, school work etc etc etc that everything went by in a sleepy-psychotic blur. Sadly I got nothing done... (3 essays to do!!!) so shit, life sucks. So let's flashback to last weekend, which was diviiiine :D....

Naturally, every pic spam must start with an outfit pic!! lol This is my new LipService top I bought from Mitsu @ I am in looooove!!! (though it kinda gives me pregger belly mrrrr.

Ahhh it's so close you can see all my flawsss D: Heather zoomed too muchhhh

There it is!!! :D

That's me and Heather!! In the bathroom...very glamorous, yes?

An outfit I tried on in Papaya. Kinda regret not buying it... at least the shorts are on the website BUT THE SHIRT ISN'T AHHHH. :[ I'm too lazy to drive back out there, lol.

My purchases!!

This was what was collectively bought. My stuff is top right; pink wallet and strawberry change purse thingie (not really quite sure what it is, lol! it was just cute!) I've wanted that wallet since it first came out...around valentine's day (of course) buuutt I already have a Coach wallet and i was hesitant to lay down $200 for another one.... so I waited. It was gone from the retail store but still on the website. Still...couldn't buy it. At the outlet...IT WAS JUUST MEANT TO BE!!!! There it was!!! for cheaper AND i got a 30% discount from store people... :D of course I caved and bought it. $91 instead of almost $200. yayyy.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

april showers

It's one of those muggy, humid, thuderstorming-on-and-off spring days. Makes my internet slow :[ I hope that it doesn't go out while I'm trying to update here and print out readings for school D:

This weekend my girlfriend was here visiting :] She lives in PA, so we usually only get to see each other once a month because a) gas is expensive and b) she works the weekends and c) we're both busy with schoolwork during the school year. But she's on her last week of school for the semester, lucky her! I have three more weeks.

Anyway, we spent the weekend not doing much lol. We shopped at two different malls (involving a trip to the new Coach outlet around here!!), watched Burlesque, Beetlejuice, Adam, uhh...Sukiyaki Western Django (again, lol) and ate lots of candy!!! You can see what our two major past times are: spending money and watching movies xD I'll include pics from this weekend in another post.

I need to catch up a little first...

I finally found an OPI Shatter!! yayayaya. I got the Essie on one get TWO free (my girlfriend got the third one), and when in Ulta I accidentally stumbled upon the Urban Decay Naked Palette!!! YAYAYAYAYA. I went in to buy nailpolish, found that, ditched my planned buys and bought that lololol. soooo worth it though. I'm happy to finally have it :D

Sooo...story behind this... I pulled an allnighter...Tuesday going into Wednesday, writng an essay about a fucking Melville book (I do not like Melville) and uh, I actually finished around 3am, but I had to get up for work at 5:30am, so I figured I'd prolly feel like worse shit if I tried to sleep and had to wake up again so fast... so instead I dressed up for school which I'd have that evening. Lesson learned: dont ever pull allnighters. all day I felt like I was on drugs and couldn't focus and almost fell asleep driving (I couldnt remember getting to school!!!) It was bad...and I'd never drank so much coffee in one day, sheesh. Buy yeah... curled my hair in the morning and as you can see it was gone by 3pm when I changed for school. rawrrrr. so mad. but I needed the practice cos i can't curl hair lol.

better go focus on some reading and hw, since I just spent myself broke this weekend lol.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011


Normally my breakfast of choice is cereal because it's quick and yummy, but we have no good cereals :( So I made breakfast for my dad and I and there were just enough eggs left. But in retrospect not enough eggs as you can see, hahah. But it looks a lot healthier than cereal, right?

This is what I witnessed when I was eating my breakfast. It always looks so funny when dogs sleep like this! I couldn't help but snap a photo xD

The weather is rainy and depressing today :( I planned to go to the library to work on schoolwork because there are less distractions than at home... but it's raining too hard and I'd rather not go outside. Hopefully, I get work done today at home. I offered to work a shift tomorrow, something I normally don't do but I could use the money. Which means I won't get my usual time to work on assignments, so my goal is to get my whole research/oral persentation done today!

End of semester is approaching... and I've been applying to more and more places in order to get a second job in the summer. I need to save up mone to pay for part of next semester. Goverment loans are only giving me about 4,000 a semester when I need another 1,600 per semester. :[ Why is school so expensivveee???? not only that, it kills you, as it is killing me this semester.

I dress up less because of it! That is why there are no outfit shots this week... didn't have time to dress gal or put much makeup on. Oh well, at least the weather was nice enough on Thursday that I could wear shorts :) Supposed to be warmer Tues through Thurs too... yay!

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Monday, April 11, 2011

starting to feel like spring

It's 85 degrees F outside today!! My bedroom window's open and it feels wonderful :] Hard to believe it was 40 and rainy and windy a few days ago.

Two of my classes are canceled Tues and one on Thurs. It's nice to be able to sleep in and have more time to work when so much is due ;3;

Home life is really hectic and surreal right now. I can't believe these things happen and I wish people would get their shit together because selfishly, I refuse to change my life. ugh.

My blog entries are pretty unexciting. Same work and school, lol. I have no life!!! it's sad :[ I spent all weekend at the library doing homework, but at least I dressed up for it, hahaha.

ps: yes, I need to cut my bangs. Yes, my eyebrows are furry monsters that need to be tamed. I'm workin' on it lol

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

fighting spirit!!

Yesterday I shopped when I shouldn’t have, but I guess that’s the story of every girl’s life, right? As I said yesterday I had planned on going to the mall after getting school work done…. I ate a yummy lunch at panera, picked up some makeup for my mom and was disappointed the MAC store was out of the Quite Cute lipstick I wanted :[ But I did accidentally find the cutest swimsuit ever while on my way to the bathroom:

I shouldn’t have spent the money, but I knew I’d regret it, really, really regret it. Plus now I finally have a swim suit! I can check if off of my summer gets list. Then meandering through Icing I found this super cute beret!

I’ve been so in love with hats as the days go by and keep telling myself I need more… This was only two dollars on sale so naturally I’d be a fool to say no. Weeks ago I saw something like this in Papaya, but passed it up. In the end, it kinda found its way back to me? XD

I’ll end this with outfits from the last few days.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

a package....for me!?

my first package from Japan in a long time!

Helloooooo yumetenbo one piece!!!! It's sooo cute in person and really soft. I kinda guessed in sizes...since the only sizing related japanese characters I understand are bust/waist/hips and for this paticular garment nothing was listed... I got an L and it fits perfectly!! (I'm 34/27/35 btw) I love loose fitting tops and wearing them with tights so I'm actually wearing that one piece coordinated as I type this, lol.

I ordered this through the englih rakuten and WOW it came so fast!! I got my order confirmation 4/3 and another email 4/5. Then yesterday 4/8 I came home and voila! package waiting for me. :] I would not hesitate to order from them again, I just wish I knew japanese so I can understand sizes and stuff on the site better T3T

Other news, had some good and bad things happen at school this week. Lesson learned that I need to kick my ass and do my work. aahhhh school weighs me down so much, I'm not having fun in life anymore :[ During summer I'm taking a second job to hopefully raise funds for school... and hopefully I can win some scholarship money to help out as well, sighh... selfish, fashon pert of me wants money to spend on me, me, me!! lolol. Anyway, today I'm going to the library to hopefully do some serious studying/work without the distractions that home has... it better not be too crowded bleehh.

Library is right next to mall so maybe I stop in ehhhh, hohoho :3 I want to check my MAC store for the Quite Cute lipsticks... I had the chance to get them online, but the Quite Cute color, the light purple, didn't look as purple as the stock photos I saw before they were released and so I wanted to go see them in person.... now they sold out online and i hope my MAC store has the purple left... siiiigh. not that I should be spending money fffff.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

back in gyaru form!

I think I got that gyaru spark back in me, at least for the last week and even continuing today :) Even though it's raining and the weather sucks. Figures, right? speaking of gyaru, I ordered a one-piece from yumetenbo! My first 'actual' gal brand (if you can call it a brand, lol) I bought the black. :) I saw it online and wasn't sure, but I kept thinking of coordinate ideas in my head. I knew if I didnt get it I might regret it. Plus, in some weird train of thought, 'I'm helping Japan's economy'? XD any excuse to shop, ya? I have to head out to school, so I don't really have time to update about much. So here are my recent 'gal renewal' outfits :]

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