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Monday, May 2, 2011

Coach Outlet day!!

This weekend sucked... too much emotional drama, relationship drama, family drama, school work etc etc etc that everything went by in a sleepy-psychotic blur. Sadly I got nothing done... (3 essays to do!!!) so shit, life sucks. So let's flashback to last weekend, which was diviiiine :D....

Naturally, every pic spam must start with an outfit pic!! lol This is my new LipService top I bought from Mitsu @ I am in looooove!!! (though it kinda gives me pregger belly mrrrr.

Ahhh it's so close you can see all my flawsss D: Heather zoomed too muchhhh

There it is!!! :D

That's me and Heather!! In the bathroom...very glamorous, yes?

An outfit I tried on in Papaya. Kinda regret not buying it... at least the shorts are on the website BUT THE SHIRT ISN'T AHHHH. :[ I'm too lazy to drive back out there, lol.

My purchases!!

This was what was collectively bought. My stuff is top right; pink wallet and strawberry change purse thingie (not really quite sure what it is, lol! it was just cute!) I've wanted that wallet since it first came out...around valentine's day (of course) buuutt I already have a Coach wallet and i was hesitant to lay down $200 for another one.... so I waited. It was gone from the retail store but still on the website. Still...couldn't buy it. At the outlet...IT WAS JUUST MEANT TO BE!!!! There it was!!! for cheaper AND i got a 30% discount from store people... :D of course I caved and bought it. $91 instead of almost $200. yayyy.

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