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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

back in gyaru form!

I think I got that gyaru spark back in me, at least for the last week and even continuing today :) Even though it's raining and the weather sucks. Figures, right? speaking of gyaru, I ordered a one-piece from yumetenbo! My first 'actual' gal brand (if you can call it a brand, lol) I bought the black. :) I saw it online and wasn't sure, but I kept thinking of coordinate ideas in my head. I knew if I didnt get it I might regret it. Plus, in some weird train of thought, 'I'm helping Japan's economy'? XD any excuse to shop, ya? I have to head out to school, so I don't really have time to update about much. So here are my recent 'gal renewal' outfits :]

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