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Friday, December 17, 2010

xmas shopping done!

It all fits in those bags. 75% of the presents are for two people, lol. I also have a package from Coach on the way to add to that pile.

Christmas is expensive!!! Next year, I swear I'm putting like a hundred dollar cap on presents. My girl, Heather, and our friend, Emily, bought me soo much!!! I know they do it 'cos they love me, but then I feel obligated to get them more and then feel bad when I can't afford it. :[

(naturally, I couldn't help but get myself a few things after braving the mall yesterday! >_>)

I can't wait for Christmas week!!! I took off from work the 25-2 to go to PA to spend time with Heather <3333 it will be a wonderful break from work, school, and the world :]

Speaking of school, I'm still waiting to hear from Sallie Mae about my loan stuff. There was a deadline of Dec 14 but Idk if that was to just start or to be done...idk. COLLEGE IS SO CONFUSING. it's all nonsense. very EXPENSIVE nonsense. ugh.

Work party tonight at the Green Turtle, wonder what I shall wear. Then I need to kick my ass to finish that damn project/presentation for conflict resolution. UGHHHHH.

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