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Thursday, December 9, 2010

ugh so many outfits

Idk WHY I have such a drugged up expression in the first picture. I wish I noticed it right away when I looked at the camera ughhh. But I'm too lazy bother putting something over my face since these were already posted on facebook. This was from turkey day week when my girl was with me :] We went shoooppinngggg.

GASP. My blog is typically gal oriented, but lolita was a huge part of my life before gal. I wore those frilly skirts 24/7. I totally wish I still had that confidence. After I took a break from lolita and got into gal...I lost the confidence to wear lolita. I'm scared now, honestly. Usually I dont give a flying fuck about what people think...but I've lost some of that. I love lolita. I wish to goodness I had the confidence for it. I've never been a 'sexy' person, and 'cute' was my thing, so lolita worked well for me.
Anyway, I wore this on Thanksgiving Day for dinner with my friend and his girlfriend. I didn't feel like putting on lots of makeup and heels for a casual, hang out, dinner with friends. So I opted for lolita.
You've seen me in mostly gal...earlier in this blog has a few lolita outfits... but it's always a constant conflict. gal vs lolita. most will say "do both!!" but I want something to make *mine*, somethng to be my thing... I guess, I do do both, but I guess I just have some unrequited feelings about lolita...
On one end, I love gal. Love the looks, the versatility, and the normalcy (coming from someone who used to wear lolita). It's more sexy, it's more attractive to people. I like the makeup, I like how I look in the makeup and clothes. But sometimes.... I HATE the makeup, HATE the trends, strictness. I never do my hair, it's usually boring. Sometimes I really don't like gal.
then there's lolita. I love it. It's cute, fluffy, lots of different styles, and its overall DIFFERENT. I've always been a cute person, and lolita always worked for me in that regard. Once upon a time, I wore it and didn't care about what people thought. After taking a break, I'm terrified to wear it. Terrified of what my friends who havent seen my in lolita will think. It's impractical, a pain to go to the bathroom in.
eh, anyway. just some thoughts of mine.

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