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Friday, October 15, 2010

Circle Lense Reviews - Max Pure Brown and DollyEye Blue

I ordered circle lenses from PinkyParadise Sep 19. They took FOREVER to get here and I was seriously freaking out about losing them in the mail. :[ Eventually, my stuff arrived two days ago and I REJOICED! I purchased the DollyEye Blue and Max Pure Brown. (and a Dolly Wink Eyelash case :3)

First, the DollyEye Blue are VERY unnatural looking blue. Though, you can probably tell this from the pictures. I understand though, this is probably the only way dark eyes can have opaque blue eyes. I bought these lenses for cosplay the unnatural blue is perfect for that, but not really for everyday use.

Second, the Max Pure Brown.... first I was disappointed because I realized I should've read the reviews more closely. I bought these, hoping they would color my light eyes brown....but they are only brown near the edges (plus a black ring). Like the others, I wanted to use these for cosplay... but now I can't, lol. HOWEVER, they give me blue hazel eyes which is pretty fucking awesome. The color is so sick, but not in a way that stands out crazily like the DollyEye Blue.

I tried these on without makeup, and I'm uncomfortable showing too much of my makeupless face :[ plus I've been breaking out, but I can show you the Max Pure Brown in blue eyes...

ugh, sorry unkempt eyebrows and general grossness...but that aside, don't the contacts look cool?? :] Anyway.... I wore the Max Pure Brown for a few hours after that and in the shower... though they dried out fast in the shower (like most circle lenses I've encountered.) Neither of them irritated my eyes when I wore them.... but I haven't worn them with makeup, so that's still up to debate. In the past circle lenses really irritated my eyes and that is the reason you never see my wearing them. :[ I really love them, and think they totally make a girl's makeup unquestionably gal but... ugh :[ I'm crossing my fingers!!!

UPDATE: After I've gotten the chance to wear the
Max Pure Brown several times...

They are LARGE! I've worn them in my last two outfits belowww and they are very dramatic. Honestly, I feel my eyes loook TOO big and freaky, lol. I guess the dark color doesn't help. They are NOT all brown and are made for girls with brown eyes. I should have read the reviews better because I did not realize that until I recieved them and tried them on.... but they give my eyes a cool blue hazel effect, so I don't mind so much. But I will have to buy new ones that are alll brown for cosplay purposes.

When I put them in... so far no irritation. This was a problem with the previous GEO circle lenses I used. Though, a weird thing, when I put the left contact in my eye, it doesn't seem to go in where it should...if that makes sense. so I have to move it while it's in my eyes. Doesn't effect or irritate me, just kinda weird. I've worn them several days with heavy makeup and even lasted through sobbing my eyes out + lots of makeup, lol. There was one instance that my left eye freaked out one of the first days I wore them and watered uncontrollably.... this is what happened often with my past circle lenses. :[ I hope it never happens again because it's such a pain when I have so much makeup on.

So.... my sensitive eyes approve so far. Hopefully I won't take a terrible twist of fate and forever be doomed with circle lenses. I love them, I love how they improve makeup so much! Right now I can say that I would buy more from the Max Pure series!



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