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Thursday, September 23, 2010

old set of outfits

I do collect outfit shots as I try more and more, harder and harder, to improve my gal look. Because I was silly and did not start a blog sooner, I must dump all these outfit shots I've saved in one post. Don't worry, they'll only be links because it's too many to post the straight up picture. After this, outfit posts will be the picture and hopefully, only one at a time. I'm horrible and lazy about uploading pictures, so let's hope for the best.

Outfit 1 Face Shot
Outfit 1 Accessory Shot
Comments: I wore this to the zoo, hence the lack of high heels. It was something casual, yet summer trendy with the romance and western look. I also tried out different lashes in this pic, even if it's hard to tell. Also one of the few times I've worn circle lenses. (they agitate my eyes :[)

Outfit 2
Comments: I wore this to one of the days at my summer class. Nothing special. Even though it was summer... it was cold in the classroom so I needed that cardigan T^T

Outfit 3
Outfit 3 Face and Accessory Shot
Comments: Another day at my summer class. My cursed forever 21 maxi dress!! It's my first maxi dress, and I love the design/colors because I searched high and low in stores for a pastel/light colored maxi dress. I found this, loved it, bought it, and only later did I realize how see through it is!!! I love forever 21's designs...but I really hate their cheap quality. In the second picture, I'm trying to show off my necklace, haha. My bangs look funny too because they were in need of a trim.

Outfit 4
Outfit 4 Shoe and Stockings Shot
Outfit 4 Accessory Shot

Outfit 4 Alternative Accessory Shot
Comments: I wore this to go with my friend to her college dorm. She had to deliver some goods. I liked how I made all the colors match... but I think I could have also made this work without the stockings. I guess I wore them because they'd been sitting in my drawer for so long unworn. :[ Button downs are also a problem because my boobs are too big(?) for the Smalls (normal size) yet Medium is too big. ugh.

Outfit 5
Comments: I wore this for the first day of class for fall semester. My mom told me I looked like a hooker with the heels. Siigh, no one understands me, lol. Typically, my make up and hair don't change much and usually go through the same cycle. (hair: straight, up, curly, pony tail...or some combination) and as for makeup, usually only eyeshadow or lashes might sometimes I won't have face shots because I don't feel there's a point.

Outfit 6 Version One
Outfit 6 Version Two

Comments: Story behind this.... after I took the first picture, I bent over and realized WHOA. that the union jack shirt (a size up from my normal size) you could totally see down my shirt. Not cool. So, the only tanktop I had that wasn't in the laundry (and matched) was the striped one. First I was afraid, oh god, it's not gonna match, it's not gonna look gal.... But I rather liked how it looked :] Aaand, my hair's in a bun, nothing you haven't seen.

Outfit 7
Outfit 7 Face Shot
Outfit 7 Accessory Shot
Comments: Love those jeans! Too bad I am short and they are too long T^T maybe one day I'll get around to hemming them...but for now I just roll them up. It's also hard to crouch down in them because that streches and rips more and more in those holes. Face Shot today because IT WAS THE FIRST TIME I GOT ON FULL LENGTH FALSIES. up until then I used half lashes...but I was finally able to work with full length ones!!!! (only took me a year, ugh...) I still don't wear bottom lashes...and still have a long way to go... but for me I felt like this was a big accomplishment in my growth as a gal... :]

Outfit 8
Comments: An outfit combo I really love, lol. But uh... I suck at curling my hair. T^T It's something I need to practice... one side always looks different/better than the other side... or I don't spray it enough and it dies.... ugh. I really want long, beautiful, curly gal hair... I got time to practice I suppose. For now, the bob works for Outfime.

Outfit 9
Comments: This was very much a fun, comfy outfit. Partial amerkaji/Co&lu inspired....

Outfit 10
Outfit 10 w/o Button Down
Comments: I wasn't sure how *gal* this outfit was... I thought it was cute, but idk. When I post to everyday_gyaru I'll ask and see. BUT. I bought that cute skirt/overall combo last year and hardly find a chance to wear it because I have trouble matching it :[ same with the Minnie shirt because it's rather see-through... (and i hate that in shirts!) Honestly, I felt a little french-ie, lol. no idea why! maybe it was the hat.

Outfit 11
Comments: I practiced curling my hair again.... it looked so bad. I felt really ugly that day. :[ But, good news is that I love that romper! Rompers in general are great because if I'm stuck in a rut, over in a rush and just need a cute, quick outfit, dum dum! rompers to save the day!

Outfit 12
Outfit 12 Accessory Shot
Comments: Most recent outfit. I'm sorry the black tanktop underneath the gray looks weird... the grey tanktop is cute weird and shorter in the back and since I was going to class I didn't want skin showing or anything. On the brightside, it matched xD Wore a high pony tail to mix it up a bit.... I really feel that I look waaay better with my hair up vs down, but my hair is so short it's hard to have variation. Plus, my shorter layers don't fit into a ponytail/bun and hang down... so I must clip them out of the way and it's annoying.

Well, that is the end! Maybe I will consider doing some future outfit posts like this, especially if I get a back up, lol. It's very clutter free. Do you prefer it?



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