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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I wore lolita today! but I kinda cheated and didn't wear the petti to school. xD Any lolita student can understand the itchiness and general in-the-way-ness a gigantic poofy skirt makes when trying to pay attention in class!
I got a raise at work!! I'm soooooo happy :DDDDD Last year I got a raise and now I get another onneeeeee. I'm glad they like me. It's funny too 'cos I was just complaining about my job and my desire to get a new one the day before! how nicely things work out. EXCEPT. when TODAY there was some miscommunication between me and another girl at work when we switched shifts and it ended up with me not realizing i had to work and being an hour and a half late. God, I feel like I had shot myself in the foot by doing that. :[ but my manager assured me that no one was gonna be writen up and I just gotta be more aware next time. thankyouthankyou.

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