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Thursday, December 2, 2010

more outfit catch up

More outfits!!

Sexy Sexy outfit:

I was going for a more sexy look, so I used more liner and makeup than usual. I'm not sure how I like it though, I feel that my eyes look >too< big? and oh damn those flyaways ruining my otherwise decent hair >O

Casual, maxi dress for winter outfit:

Makeup looks waaaaay different compared to makeup before this lol. I wasn't sure about this coordinate, but I'm trying to find ways to coordinate my maxi in various ways. I've seen some girls wear dark shirt underneath them and tried that... and yet everytime I wear the damn dress I realize how much I hate it because it's so long!!!! Why do American stores make everything by default long!! Jeans, dresses, everything!! Even in heels I'm tripping and tangling in the damn thing >[

Oh and my hair was kind of fail for this. I wish I was more patient with hair so I can learn to do pretty things with it ughhhh I'll take an hour to do makeup and am fine with that, but for some reason i haaaate doing hair and rush it or give up or just dont do nothing. Gosh, I don't know why. I had a braid on the other side but they were uneven and I was too frustrated to redo them over and over, so you get one side. I can at least pretend I did well ;p



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