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Saturday, December 4, 2010

outfit catch up part threeeee

Keep on rolling with catch upppp~~~

A simple, comfy kind of outfit. I wore it for the single class I have on Monday. The only other thing I do on Monday is work, and there's usually no fancy clothes or makeup involved with that, so I'm lazier on Mondays. Wearing my new (at the time) reindeer nordic print shorts! They are so cute, even if you can't see them that well :[ My bangs were also at a point of being long and in my face, but I had not had the chance to cut them myself or go to the hair dresser, hence sloppily pushed to the sides.

I REALLY loved my makeup that day. I was looking out of Jelly when I did this. Black and gold, baby 8) I liked the outfit too. I had bought that onepiece in the summer and only wore it once subsequently...and i was ready to get rid of it because I couldn't find any thing to wear it with.... but then I did! so I kept it lol. Unfortunately I didn't even get a chance to wear that outfit out because I got into a little car accident and cried all my makeup off and stayed home the rest of the day. booooooo.



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