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Monday, December 13, 2010

lost in a daydream

(I don't wear sneakers enough and these are sooooooooooo cute!!!!)

I think maybe I should be doing homework stuff, ahhhhhh. I have one last project for one last class but uughhhh the laziness. Worst yet because its a group project with people who don't know wtf they're doing and we also have to present to the class. ahhhhhhhhhhh. It will definitly be a day that I wish I could press the fast forward button on life.

It's gotten very cold, very fast! As soon as December hit--BAM--winter time! It's 20-30 degrees F typically now... It's been even flurrying every other day too. Granted, I imagine this cold may not compare to the cold of northern European countries (cos I know a lot of gals are from those areas...) but for here it's frigid, lol. Normally real cold doesn't come to Maryland until late January. Last winter we got blizzards all on the east coast of the US. SO MUCH SNOW!!! I was snowed in for so long I was getting cabin fever, man lol. And I missed a lot of work which sucks for my bank account :[ I hope that much snow never happens here again.

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