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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Just a post to let you all know I'm not dead! I'm away for the holidays at my girlfriend's, so I've been busy with relaxing and enjoying my time with her :]

Admittedly, it sucks when I'm away from my computer for so long because when I get back there are pages and pages of updates of all the sites and blogs I follow that ahhhhh it's a pain hahah. I do have access to a computer, but I don't have all my sites so I can't remember everything I need to check booooo :[

I can talk a little about my holiday so far and update with pictures and the rest when I'm home! :) First off, Christmas day was spent at my girl's (Heather is her name) aunt/uncle's place. I like spending Christmas with Heather because her family is close and have get togethers, whereas my family doesn't like each other and so I never see them. So if I am at home on Christmas there is nothing to do because I'm not seeing people and nothing is open.

There is always a bad side to being at Heather's because I'm not really part of their family so I'm still left out and I'm not a social person so it's difficult for me to hold conversation sometimes. Emily (a mutual friend but more Heather's than mine) was with us too, so the three of us made the best of it. We're kinda like the three musketeers, lol.

On Christmas Eve Heather, Emily, and Heather's parents, we all opened our presents for each other. I'll update with pics when I'm home, but we all had a ridiculous haul. Emily spent soooo much on Heather and I it was crazy. I DID get the Coach bag I've wantedddddd!

I saw Tron and the new Narnia movie this week as well. Narnia severely lacked in substance/plot stuff, but Ben Barnes is good eyecandy, hohoh. Tron's eyecandy was definitely Olivia Wilde and all the gorgeous Siren ladies!!! I had fun with the people I went with for both movies, so even if the movies would have totally sucked, I still woulda had awesome fun! (night of Tron we defaced a Justin Bieber cut out with fake mustaches LOL)

My BIRTHDAYYYYY was DECEMBER 29! I am twenty now and don't wanna grow up anymore wahhhhh. Heather and Emily took me out to Macaroni Grill. Mmm, I LOOOVE Italian fooood yum yum. I got a free chocolate cake slice and the Manager sang me a birthday song in Italian. Then we shopped till we dropped in our sexy dresses and heels at the mall that was right by. It's a biiiiig mall about 45 mins from where Heather lives.

Between all the previous activities and that shopping trip, my spending account now has $9 ;__; plus the extra cash I had brought ahhhh. I made a pact with Heather to try and shell out the extra money for better quality and it certainly takes its toll. I still shop some cheaper places (Charlotte Russe, for example) but I'm trying to go for higher quality.

Wow, I feel I've written way more than people care to read, lol. I leave for home on Sunday and I will be sad once this week is out. The time I get with Heather always goes by so fast. On the bright side, there is New Years yet and more fun times to be had! (Heather's mom and I picked up the alcohol today ;D)

I hope everyone's had a happy holiday and may your New Years be spectacular!!



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