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Saturday, April 16, 2011


Normally my breakfast of choice is cereal because it's quick and yummy, but we have no good cereals :( So I made breakfast for my dad and I and there were just enough eggs left. But in retrospect not enough eggs as you can see, hahah. But it looks a lot healthier than cereal, right?

This is what I witnessed when I was eating my breakfast. It always looks so funny when dogs sleep like this! I couldn't help but snap a photo xD

The weather is rainy and depressing today :( I planned to go to the library to work on schoolwork because there are less distractions than at home... but it's raining too hard and I'd rather not go outside. Hopefully, I get work done today at home. I offered to work a shift tomorrow, something I normally don't do but I could use the money. Which means I won't get my usual time to work on assignments, so my goal is to get my whole research/oral persentation done today!

End of semester is approaching... and I've been applying to more and more places in order to get a second job in the summer. I need to save up mone to pay for part of next semester. Goverment loans are only giving me about 4,000 a semester when I need another 1,600 per semester. :[ Why is school so expensivveee???? not only that, it kills you, as it is killing me this semester.

I dress up less because of it! That is why there are no outfit shots this week... didn't have time to dress gal or put much makeup on. Oh well, at least the weather was nice enough on Thursday that I could wear shorts :) Supposed to be warmer Tues through Thurs too... yay!

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