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Monday, April 11, 2011

starting to feel like spring

It's 85 degrees F outside today!! My bedroom window's open and it feels wonderful :] Hard to believe it was 40 and rainy and windy a few days ago.

Two of my classes are canceled Tues and one on Thurs. It's nice to be able to sleep in and have more time to work when so much is due ;3;

Home life is really hectic and surreal right now. I can't believe these things happen and I wish people would get their shit together because selfishly, I refuse to change my life. ugh.

My blog entries are pretty unexciting. Same work and school, lol. I have no life!!! it's sad :[ I spent all weekend at the library doing homework, but at least I dressed up for it, hahaha.

ps: yes, I need to cut my bangs. Yes, my eyebrows are furry monsters that need to be tamed. I'm workin' on it lol

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