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Sunday, April 24, 2011

april showers

It's one of those muggy, humid, thuderstorming-on-and-off spring days. Makes my internet slow :[ I hope that it doesn't go out while I'm trying to update here and print out readings for school D:

This weekend my girlfriend was here visiting :] She lives in PA, so we usually only get to see each other once a month because a) gas is expensive and b) she works the weekends and c) we're both busy with schoolwork during the school year. But she's on her last week of school for the semester, lucky her! I have three more weeks.

Anyway, we spent the weekend not doing much lol. We shopped at two different malls (involving a trip to the new Coach outlet around here!!), watched Burlesque, Beetlejuice, Adam, uhh...Sukiyaki Western Django (again, lol) and ate lots of candy!!! You can see what our two major past times are: spending money and watching movies xD I'll include pics from this weekend in another post.

I need to catch up a little first...

I finally found an OPI Shatter!! yayayaya. I got the Essie on one get TWO free (my girlfriend got the third one), and when in Ulta I accidentally stumbled upon the Urban Decay Naked Palette!!! YAYAYAYAYA. I went in to buy nailpolish, found that, ditched my planned buys and bought that lololol. soooo worth it though. I'm happy to finally have it :D

Sooo...story behind this... I pulled an allnighter...Tuesday going into Wednesday, writng an essay about a fucking Melville book (I do not like Melville) and uh, I actually finished around 3am, but I had to get up for work at 5:30am, so I figured I'd prolly feel like worse shit if I tried to sleep and had to wake up again so fast... so instead I dressed up for school which I'd have that evening. Lesson learned: dont ever pull allnighters. all day I felt like I was on drugs and couldn't focus and almost fell asleep driving (I couldnt remember getting to school!!!) It was bad...and I'd never drank so much coffee in one day, sheesh. Buy yeah... curled my hair in the morning and as you can see it was gone by 3pm when I changed for school. rawrrrr. so mad. but I needed the practice cos i can't curl hair lol.

better go focus on some reading and hw, since I just spent myself broke this weekend lol.

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