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Sunday, October 24, 2010

today is about productivity!!

Hey, hey, girls. I am just on a role today about getting things done (homework, laundry, cleaning....) so why not keep it going with updating my blog!

First off, for class Thursday I was inspired to dress with a japanese school girl theme....

sorry, weird face turns ahaha.... no makeup on my bottom line either, just mascara :x (and ggaahhhh seriously need my eyebrows done >[ ) Uumm, I felt really self councious that day because a lot of people stared and made comments : [ especially when I stopped by the mall. But I survived!

Yesterday I went to my state's Ren Faire. When I went down for breakfast that morning, my dad out of the blue offered to take me. It was the last weekend and I decided I wanted to go. Considering I went with my dad, I had an alright time. He was in a good mood. I bought the much sought after gyaru animal/fox tail....

as well as some tea, essential oil, and a present for two of my friends. That day was also when we celebrated my mom's birthday, so that evening my family and I ate steamed shrimp, ice cream cake, and strawberry daiquiris ;3 All in all, yesterday was pretty freakin fantastic. (I also got some leggings in the mail I ordered!! so I was excited about that tooooo)

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

yesterday's outfit

not much talking today. a cat i loved died today, so I'm not in the mood for anything right now.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

I love fall!!

It is a beautiful 60 some degrees F outside and windy and gor-GEOUS! :D The leaves are changing colors and the weather is getting cooler.... it's finally fall!! I never thought the hot weather would end D: I hope it has... though I know global warming will give us a random 80 degree weather day in the middle of October. :[ Cooler weather means layers and black!! I like my fall wardrobe hohoho

Today I'm going to
Larriland Farms with a classmate and her friends. Usually I'm no good with meeting new people, but I'm getting braver and braver with such events. Hopefully everything will go well. :] I'm excited to go pick apples and get a hayride and drink apple cider and pick pumpkins and do all the fun fall stuff!

I tried to dress gal...? but I have to wear flat shoes I don't care to get dirty because it IS a farm after all. I'm wearing my new brown circle lenses and DollyWink lashes I haven't gotten to test drive either... Let me say that I LOVE THE LASHES. I seriously need to go buy more STAT.

Sorry my hair is obviously not done yet, guhh. I have an hour yet so I'm giving it more time to dry.... I wanted to curl my hair but it's too windy outside!!! >[ therefore, I don't think it's worth it considering I'll be outside all day. I'm happy to have circle lenses again and I DEARLY hope these won't fuck up my eyes like my last ones :[ Honestly, circle lenses make all the difference when going for gal makeup, at least, that's what I think.

I just bought some stuff xD (payday = GOOD money lol) nordic print??? (in b/w) mode?? and I feel left out because I still don't have an usamimi!

I'm having wardrobe problems lately.... my clothes don't seem gal enough and I'm runnng out of new coordination ideas... I feel I suck at this gal thing ugh. maybe sometime I'll start buying stuff online overseas instead of always hunting through american stores of stuff.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Circle Lense Reviews - Max Pure Brown and DollyEye Blue

I ordered circle lenses from PinkyParadise Sep 19. They took FOREVER to get here and I was seriously freaking out about losing them in the mail. :[ Eventually, my stuff arrived two days ago and I REJOICED! I purchased the DollyEye Blue and Max Pure Brown. (and a Dolly Wink Eyelash case :3)

First, the DollyEye Blue are VERY unnatural looking blue. Though, you can probably tell this from the pictures. I understand though, this is probably the only way dark eyes can have opaque blue eyes. I bought these lenses for cosplay the unnatural blue is perfect for that, but not really for everyday use.

Second, the Max Pure Brown.... first I was disappointed because I realized I should've read the reviews more closely. I bought these, hoping they would color my light eyes brown....but they are only brown near the edges (plus a black ring). Like the others, I wanted to use these for cosplay... but now I can't, lol. HOWEVER, they give me blue hazel eyes which is pretty fucking awesome. The color is so sick, but not in a way that stands out crazily like the DollyEye Blue.

I tried these on without makeup, and I'm uncomfortable showing too much of my makeupless face :[ plus I've been breaking out, but I can show you the Max Pure Brown in blue eyes...

ugh, sorry unkempt eyebrows and general grossness...but that aside, don't the contacts look cool?? :] Anyway.... I wore the Max Pure Brown for a few hours after that and in the shower... though they dried out fast in the shower (like most circle lenses I've encountered.) Neither of them irritated my eyes when I wore them.... but I haven't worn them with makeup, so that's still up to debate. In the past circle lenses really irritated my eyes and that is the reason you never see my wearing them. :[ I really love them, and think they totally make a girl's makeup unquestionably gal but... ugh :[ I'm crossing my fingers!!!

UPDATE: After I've gotten the chance to wear the
Max Pure Brown several times...

They are LARGE! I've worn them in my last two outfits belowww and they are very dramatic. Honestly, I feel my eyes loook TOO big and freaky, lol. I guess the dark color doesn't help. They are NOT all brown and are made for girls with brown eyes. I should have read the reviews better because I did not realize that until I recieved them and tried them on.... but they give my eyes a cool blue hazel effect, so I don't mind so much. But I will have to buy new ones that are alll brown for cosplay purposes.

When I put them in... so far no irritation. This was a problem with the previous GEO circle lenses I used. Though, a weird thing, when I put the left contact in my eye, it doesn't seem to go in where it should...if that makes sense. so I have to move it while it's in my eyes. Doesn't effect or irritate me, just kinda weird. I've worn them several days with heavy makeup and even lasted through sobbing my eyes out + lots of makeup, lol. There was one instance that my left eye freaked out one of the first days I wore them and watered uncontrollably.... this is what happened often with my past circle lenses. :[ I hope it never happens again because it's such a pain when I have so much makeup on.

So.... my sensitive eyes approve so far. Hopefully I won't take a terrible twist of fate and forever be doomed with circle lenses. I love them, I love how they improve makeup so much! Right now I can say that I would buy more from the Max Pure series!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Korres Eyeliner Pencil Review - negative

Now that I am into gal and makeup, this is a good thing because she'll share! lol. So today, I woke up with this on my dresser....

Korres eyeliner pencils! They're a limited edition set,
@Sephora, though I know my mom got them off HSN/QVC (she has an addiction!) After reading their page at Sephora, I like that they are made without certain chemicals! I'm very into the green/natural/organic movement, and this makes me happy to support the company. :]

First thing, I did was make a swatch of each color on my wrist;
Next, I took the two blacks (one was soft for inner lining and the other "normal" i guess, lol.)
Conclusion.... the black is VERY dark! Esp the soft black pencil. Usually I find pencils to not be as dark as I want, compared to the blackness achieved by liquid liners, but these suprised me!

And thankfully, my mom doesn't use black so i got to keep the blacks :] These were the ones I got to keep....

Both blacks, navy, gold (I really liked this one too!), silver, and brown. I approve of these pencils. I have yet to see how long they last (ie, use them with my face all made up). My mom thinks they aren't water proof, but as long as it doesn't pour rain when I wear them I don't see what difference it makes. I wear non waterproof mascara some days and it doesn't wear off...unless there's a day when my contacts make my eyes freak out. ugh. i hate when that happens. anyway, I digress! Once I wear them for a day, I will make an update!

UPDATE: def. NOT waterproof!!! faillll :[ while the inner liner black works well, when I wore the black and the blue eyeliner on my top line it melted/smeared/disappeared. :[ :[ disappointed. all i can say, good thing it wasn't my money >_>


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

special pets

I was doing so well with updating then *poof* I disappeared.

Please excuse bad room lighting and my ugly acne face. :[ I hope one day I can find the product to make it all disappear. And I did have makeup on my bottom...for some reason I took a picture before? or maybe I'm hallucinating but I clearly remember.... But anyway, very casual outfit because had to stay at work extra and didn't have time to go home, so I had to change at work. :[

Bottom lashes!!!! I tried them out that day. I had bought a box of them from Daiso and hadn't used them/sucked at using them for the longest time.... then finally I decided I'M GONNA DO THIS. and I did. or tried too. As usual, one eye better than the other and even eyelash falling off on one. :[ Better luck next time!

Shitty lighting again because I forgot to take a pic BEFORE I left for class. First of all, I LOVE that jacket. Fur collar asjdhas so hottt <3 next, SHOES PAINFUL. I hope I remember to use these only for not walking a lot aka not wearing to school. I love heels, really I do, but I was so happy when I changed to flats for my night class. Interesting story... I had to work that morning, meaning I had to get up extra early to do my makeup because I wouldn't have time after work/before class. (work 6-1, class 2-5) and I got some nice compliments at work... and today one of the women who said I looked "cool" that day, told me today that I look like a different person with makeup on. Good thing? Bad thing? (not that you guys know what I look like without... haha)