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Sunday, September 27, 2009

tshirt; charlotte russe
skirt and socks; h&m
shoes; broadway shoes
earrings; claire's
necklace; forever 21
this was an outfit i wore to appease my baby. She thinks I look hot in thigh highs and a pleather mini skirt *o*
I just got back from seeing my baby actually. I went on a little getaway to Chincoteague with her, her parents and her mom's friend. It was okay. It's hard for my girl and I to get to do what we want and usually end up doing what the adults want which is no fun. bleehh. we watched a lot of movies tho!

the big suprise was that it had Bradley Cooper in it!! :] It was a well rounded horror movie too! Clve Barker is brillant, my girl and I are both big fans of his work. (she introduced me to his work!) I loooove horror movies and know a good one when i see one, so go watch it and be disgusted (meat hooks through achilles' tendons), turned on (listening to Bradley Cooper's sex grunts) and intrigued (the paranormal twist at the end)!!!

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

sweater dress; Rue 21 (i think? or Body Central)
tights; h&m
shoes; payless
earrings; claire's
just a quick update to catch up with outfits. I think I wore this Monday. It was the first time I got to break out that dress :] and more lazy hair. Bun on top of my head is one of my favs, along with the side ponytail xD
I got perfume at Bath and Body today! My mom so kindly bought it for me <3 It's their PS I Love You Too collection in Berry Rose. I loooove it. I also got a new phone! It's a Samsung Propel. I couldnt get a pink phone sadly : [ but the blue on this phone is pretty, so I dont mind! Plus now I have the same phone as sissy!! :D

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

(I'm making a Sanzo face here it seems XD)
button down; DEB
shirt underneath (tube top); wet seal
jeans; 5-7-9
boots; Rainbow
necklace; Icing

I'm backlogged on outfits D: I'm always too lazy to upload pictures and so now I have two more outfits I've worn in the last few days that I still need to post.

I've been getting incredibly lazy with my hair ie I dont curl it. I've been putting it in all sorts of updos to keep from actually styling it. I wish this perm could go away :[ once it does I'll def. be more inclined to curl my hair. It's hard to curl curly hair, or like get the big nice curls.

I've been practicing with makeup quite often! I was even wearing fake lashes that day :] I realize I need to get new ones tho, and some bottom ones. I bought some makeup at MAC with my most recent pay as well! I got lipstick in Myth cos I heard it was popular with gals and I got this liquid eyeliner pen. Tho, I am dissappointed with the eyeliner. It doesnt go on very dark unless I press hard and since I'm not the best at eyeliner I'm afraid to do that in case I stab myself in the eye >_o so I use that pen first since its good for details then I go over the Urban Decay eyeliner in Zero to darken the line.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

(this is actually my outfit from yesterday. and sorry it's blurry D:)
jacket; new york and company
shirt & shorts; forever 21
socks; angelic pretty
boots; rainbow

and my face. I'm still practicing hard with eyeliner!

no outfit for today. I am sick :[ I had a feeling that I was starting to get a cold for the past few days and it finally evolved full blown today. I'm so miserable! I keep drinking and drinking (I went through half a bottle of those big juicy juice's!!) but now I've moved onto water. this is why it's important to take care of your bodies everyone! the inside counts for a lot!

these boots will be mine!!! I swear!!! (and i wont tell you where I got this from, because the site advertises only two left and dont want any of you fashionable girls pulling a fast one on me >o)
this next thing has nothing to do with fashion, but for anyone who knows me, I feel very strongly about the environment and what we can do to help it. But this also applies to knowing where what you are buying comes from. learn what you are supporting!!!
it's a very intriguing, eye-opening article. I'm trying to spread this link anywhere I can. educate yourselves! Beauty is fleeting and superficial if you don't have some brains behind it ;]
and I leave you guys with this. now I have a history paper to struggle through x__x

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I wore lolita today! but I kinda cheated and didn't wear the petti to school. xD Any lolita student can understand the itchiness and general in-the-way-ness a gigantic poofy skirt makes when trying to pay attention in class!
I got a raise at work!! I'm soooooo happy :DDDDD Last year I got a raise and now I get another onneeeeee. I'm glad they like me. It's funny too 'cos I was just complaining about my job and my desire to get a new one the day before! how nicely things work out. EXCEPT. when TODAY there was some miscommunication between me and another girl at work when we switched shifts and it ended up with me not realizing i had to work and being an hour and a half late. God, I feel like I had shot myself in the foot by doing that. :[ but my manager assured me that no one was gonna be writen up and I just gotta be more aware next time. thankyouthankyou.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

I was able to put fake eyelashes in today for the first time! My practicing paid off. I did mess up a little tho, the fakies on my left eye werent put on as close to the lash line as on the right. oh well. i covered the gap with black eyeliner. more practice and i'll be even better lol. now that I finally know how to do it right, im excited to buy some more faux lashes!!

Aaand, my outfit for the day!
top; 5-7-9
earrings; claire's
jeans; idk
shoes; betsy johnson

pretty simple today. the whole purpose of the outfit was to wear those heels I think. this was my first time wearing them out and I'm still trying to break them in. ouchies they really hurt my feet. :[ I put bandages on my pinky toes before I put those shoes on to keep from getting blisters there, lol.


humanoid barricade cosplay

I was so proud of this I feel the need to post it everywhere, lol. Debuted at Otakon '09. More Transformer cosplay to come this year!